Maquon Foot Bridges

Maquon Foot Bridge, 1912

Old Maquon Foot Bridge For 100 years, folks living on the east side of Maquon have been able to walk to town across wooden footbridges. The King Bridge Company built the two bridges, one on East Second Street and one on East Third Street, in 1898.

Constructed with plank floors and iron railings, the bridges span a small valley and slough. When they were built, the population of Maquon was more than double what it is now and hundreds of residents used them to walk from their homes to the downtown area and the train depot. Young people would stroll across them on dates and daring boys would show off by walking on the railing.

Maquon Foot Bridge, 1976
By 1969, the bridges were in desperate need of repairs. Survey cards sent out to residents asking if the footbridges should be destroyed or repaired came back overwhelmingly in favor of preserving this part of Maquon's heritage.

In January 1995, the Village Board again faced the problem of whether or not to save the footbridges. The estimated cost to refurbish both bridges was $7,579. Once again, residents urged the board to save the bridges. Many volunteered to help in any way they could, including painting them.

Since the north bridge was still in fairly good condition, the board decided to just repair the south bridge, at a cost of $4,200. The steel beams were replaced and treated wood, with a "lifetime" guarantee, was used. Private donations helped the village defray some of the expense and the wood was sealed rather than painted to retain the turn-of-the-century appeal of the old walkways.

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