Knox County Inventions

Over the years, Knox County has produced many entrepreneurs. Included in the Knox County Museum collection are six original patent models invented during the 1800s.

Vapor Stove.jpg The gas heater and petroleum stove, called a Vapor Stove, was invented by Alonzo T. Boon, Galesburg. Patent #63004 was issued on March 19, 1867.

This invention is listed as dishwasher. It was invented by Merrill S. Orlon and Peter B. Stiles, Galesburg. They received patent #100657 on March 8, 1870. The plunger and pipe are missing. Dishwasher.jpg

Petroleum Stove.jpg Joel Lee, Galesburg, was the inventor of this "petroleum stove." He received patent #63,400 on April 2, 1867.

This tire shrinking tool was invented by A. P. Cassell, Wataga. His patent #30387 was issued on Oct. 16, 1860. Tire Shrinking Tool.jpg

Shutter Fastener.jpg Swan E. Swanson, Galesburg, invented this shutter fastener. On June 13, 1882 he received patent #259,601.

Matthias Rikert, Oneida, created this rotary steam engine. His invention received patent #76,525 on April 7, 1868. Two legs are missing. Rotary Steam Engine.jpg

Each invention is displayed with its authentication certificate, a diagram of the model and an explanation of how it worked.

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